An Interactive Learning Platform for the New Generation

The goal of Learnlex is to deliver an effective use of technology, furnished with a series of multivariate high-end products for learning. We encourage students to develop autonomous study habits and problem-solving abilities that they will need for the future.

Within this platform, you will find a whole wealth of high-quality learning resources. Let us lead students into a new age of learning, to welcome the challenges and opportunities brought by the age of Big Data!

Effective use of media, “multi-style” learning

Learnlex provides a series of diverse high-quality products for learning: An interactive online learning platform, fun educational short videos, computer programming exercises, co-operative and competitive programs and real-time online interactive courses. Learning will become exciting for students.

Improve effectiveness of teaching activities

We co-operate hand-in-hand closely with schools, providing state-of-the-art educational programs to aid teachers.

Matching current needs in education

In order to prepare students to face rapid developments in economy, science and technology now and in the future, our STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education platform combines the applications of multidisciplinary knowledge, problem-solving skill and creativity, going beyond traditional learning methods and putting forward an interactive learning atmosphere.

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